Top 5 [Best] Android App Lock You Can’t Miss in June 2019 😍

Top 5 [Best] Android App Lock

Best App Lock For Android

Are you looking for Android App Lock? Well, let me tell you there are many App locks available on google play store for android device. The Android App Lock is vital for your smartphone and security privacy, as well.

As I mention earlier, there are many App Lock available For Android  in the market , but few of them are useful and valuable only.

Here I am going to share some of the Best App Lock For Android to Use In 2019. If you’re looking for Best Android App Lock.

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Android App Lock

What is Android App lock?

App lock For Android  is an Android App that helps us to be safe our personal and private data and storage. It is a tool that set the lock in various ways such as pattern lock, name lock, fingerprint scanner lock, etc. We can found App lock on Platforms like Android/IOS windows and mac.

Why Should You Use It?

Our privacy is our priority in our Android device, and we never want to reveal it. Although almost with every Android smartphone we are getting fingerprint scanner lock and different kind of features also.

But at the same time still, we can’t lock our selective apps or files in our Android device. Using Android App Lock may help us in different ways, such as to Lock Our particular apps and games or storage like personal photos and videos.

Best App lock For Android 2019

App Lock is best to protect our data and storage; you may get excellent features to secure your Android device. Although as I mentioned above, you can found many apps on google play but choosing the right one may be severe.

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So here I am going to share our best list for Android App Lock You Miss In 2019. Without wasting any time, let’s begin.

1. App lock

Developer: DoMobile Lab
Price: Free+
  • AppLock Screenshot
  • AppLock Screenshot
  • AppLock Screenshot
  • AppLock Screenshot
  • AppLock Screenshot
  • AppLock Screenshot
  • AppLock Screenshot
  • AppLock Screenshot

App Lock is one best and famous app lock on google play store with 4.4 Rating; it has incredible features and options to secure your Android device with just some simple steps.

After installing App lock app for Android, you can set pin or pattern password, and there is also fingerprint scanner lock features if your above 6.0 Android Version.

Features Of App Lock
  • Customize your phone lock screen and background.
  • App lock can Hide your images and videos; you can only see your hidden photos in gallery vault.
  • Lock Facebook, Whatsapp, FB Messenger, and other Social Apps. It has its keyboard and invisible pattern lock.

2. Hex App Lock & Photo Vault

Hex app is another fantastic app lock for Android device safety and security.

It helps us to protect our privacy security to our Android app, and the best thing about Hex lock is you can create up to 5 unique profile for apps more security.

Setting up the lock in this excellent app is quite an easy process you can set a pattern or pin lock easily without any hassle.

Bonus Feature of Hex Lock 

You can use the Media Vault feature to hide Your photos and videos in a locked gallery vault folder. You can also set a password to more security.

Features Of Hex App Lock
  • Lock Whatsapp, Emails, and SMS.
  • Hex app can correctly secure your Photos and Videos in the Media Vault.
  • Lock your Gallery and your stuff. To lock your Social Network apps hex app has many features. You can Secure your WhatsApp and Facebook.
  • Now you can check who tried to unlock your apps and photos in the Security Log its one of the great feature.
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3. Norton App Lock

Norton App Lock
Norton App Lock
Developer: NortonMobile
Price: Free
  • Norton App Lock Screenshot
  • Norton App Lock Screenshot
  • Norton App Lock Screenshot
  • Norton App Lock Screenshot
  • Norton App Lock Screenshot
  • Norton App Lock Screenshot

Norton app lock is the app you have heard much time about it if not let me tell its one of the well known and anti-virus company. If your looking for ads free app, then Norton App Lock is the solution because it’s one of the app locks that is ads free.

You can easily lock your apps with this fantastic Norton app lock to protect your privacy security. It has two options to lock your apps, dedicated password, and Pattern lock to secure and keep private your Android device.

Features Of Norton App Lock
  • You can add your passcode to secure dedicated apps.
  • Norton app Lock allows to one or more app with the same 4-digit PIN passcode also.
  • You can Protect your private data and photos as well.
  • Norton lock allows to Add a layer of security to your app. In that case, in-case your Android device is lost or stolen.

4. App Locker: Fingerprint & Pin

AppLock : Sperren Sie Apps
AppLock : Sperren Sie Apps
  • AppLock : Sperren Sie Apps Screenshot
  • AppLock : Sperren Sie Apps Screenshot
  • AppLock : Sperren Sie Apps Screenshot
  • AppLock : Sperren Sie Apps Screenshot
  • AppLock : Sperren Sie Apps Screenshot
  • AppLock : Sperren Sie Apps Screenshot
  • AppLock : Sperren Sie Apps Screenshot
  • AppLock : Sperren Sie Apps Screenshot

App Locker is yet another best app lock for android although it’s not that popular on google play you’re not using this app lock you probably missing something.

It has a fingerprint scanner lock feature and pin lock you can use them to secure your apps.

It has many unique features to secure privacy and apps, and the best thing about the App Locker you can set the custom setting for particular apps you want to lock. There is also a paid version of this app if you don’t like ads.

Features Of Norton App Locker
  • Can lock apps like gallery, message apps, etc. with its Locking Features like fingerprint or pin.
  • The best feature you would like when someone tries to unlock the app with the wrong password attempts, The App Locker will take a picture of the intruder from its front camera and show you when you open AppLock.
  • Can Use fingerprint Scanner Feature to unlock all apps.
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5. Smart AppLock (App Protect)

Smart App lock is one of the best app locks for Android to protect our Android device privacy security.

The app lock has a lot of features to Protect apps with different locks; it has Pattern Lock, PIN lock, and password lock as well.

Smart App lock has Custom lock screen, and custom lock screen option and it can  Hide or encrypt pictures and videos in  Gallery Vault feature.

Features Of Smart App Lock
  • Can lock the personal apps they may contain privacy stuff, such as private photos or videos, etc. Using this app, you can lock SMS apps, like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc.
  • You may lock phone settings, install/uninstall apps to keep the phone away from kids.


Secure Your Apps With App Lock

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Now lets back to secure app with Android app lock well there are many apps, but What we researched about and used we have chosen a few of them. These Best Android App Locks are from our best list you must try once in 2019.

Have some doubts? Let us know in the comments we will try our best to resolve your queries 😊.

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