Shadow Fight 2 Game Review 2019

Shadow fight 2

In this article, you will get to learn about many interesting facts and information about the game Shadow Fight 2. As we all know that it is a fighting game and one of the best choices for the gamers who are interested in fighting games.
Therefore, we have decided to bring this article, which contains every single information about the game. Also, you will learn about the facts of the game that every Shadow Fight 2 lover should know. Therefore, go through the article and learn about the game more.

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Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is a role-playing action game where a player plays as a legendary combatant. You as a game character have to fight against the demons to get their ancient seals in order to send them back to their place that is behind the Gates.

The game includes 6 different worlds, where the first demon will be Lynx and then he will have to defeat Hermit, Butcher, Wasp, Widow, Shogun, and Titan. The player will also have to defeat the eight powerful Bosses, Eternal Demons that are Volcano, Megalith, Fungus, Vortex, Fatum, Arkhos, Hoaxen, Karcer, and Drakaina. You can download working mod of Shadow Fight 2 from here.

Bosses: The Eternal Demons

1. Underworld (First Floor)

Shadow Fight 2

⦁ [Volcano]
⦁ Weapon: Ornamental Sabers
⦁ Minimum Dan Required: 1
⦁ Shield: 1757
⦁ Time Limit: 05:20
⦁ No. of players: 4

⦁ [Megalith]
⦁ Weapon: Coral Prickles
⦁ Minimum Dan Required: 1
⦁ Shield: 5,621
⦁ Time Limit: 10:50
⦁ No. of players: 6

⦁ [Fungus]

⦁ Weapon: Two-Handed Cudgel
⦁ Minimum Dan Required: 1
⦁ Shield: 11,098
⦁ Time Limit: 12:40
⦁ No. of players: 7

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⦁ [Vortex]

⦁ Weapon: Silver Glaive
⦁ Minimum Dan Required: 3
⦁ Shield: 13,531
⦁ Time Limit: 12:40
⦁ No. of players: 8

Underworld (Tier 2)

⦁ [Fatum]

⦁ Weapon: Grim Scythe
⦁ Minimum Dan Required: 4
⦁ Shield: 9,171
⦁ Time Limit: 08:30
⦁ No. of players: 6

⦁ [Arkhos]

⦁ Weapon: The Sting
⦁ Minimum Dan Required: 5
⦁ Shield: 9,668
⦁ Time Limit: 08:10
⦁ No. of players: 6

⦁ [Hoaxen]

⦁ Weapon: Harrier Hooks
⦁ Minimum Dan Required: 6
⦁ Shield: 11,539
⦁ Time Limit: 07:50
⦁ No. of players: 6

Bosses [Underworld (Tier 3)]

⦁ [Karcer] ⦁ Weapon: Hunger Scythes
⦁ Minimum Dan Required: 8
⦁ Shield: 9,872
⦁ Time Limit: 05:00
⦁ No. of players: 6

⦁ [Drakaina]

⦁ Weapon: War Swords
⦁ Minimum Dan Required: 9
⦁ Shield: 11,213
⦁ Time Limit: 07:00
⦁ No. of players: 6

New Updated Features

⦁ A new Boss is introduced.
⦁ And the third layer of Underworld is now bigger than before.
⦁ A new Armor set is also available in the raid store.
⦁ To get a mythical enchantment in the forge, you can collect the whole set.
⦁ Updated Sound effects.
⦁ Updated User Interface.
⦁ Bug Fixing is also done.
⦁ And most importantly it has been rewritten completely with the Unity Engine.


⦁ Epic Sequences and wonderful animations are used.
⦁ Intuitive Controls.
⦁ Includes six different worlds to play, which will be full of enemies.
⦁ Customization Options. Select swords, Armor, Magical powers, nunchaku and much more.
⦁ Engaging and Interesting gameplay


⦁ Knives
⦁ Knuckles
⦁ Sai
⦁ Steel Batons
⦁ Ninja Sword
⦁ Machetes
⦁ Daggers
⦁ Blood Reaper
⦁ Crescent Knives
⦁ Tonfas
⦁ Imhotep Pounders
⦁ Staff
⦁ Krises
⦁ Harrier Hooks
⦁ Swords
⦁ Shuang Gou
⦁ Steel Nunchaku
⦁ The Sting
⦁ Grim Scythe
⦁ The dissector of Hopes (Special Edition)
⦁ Stilettos
⦁ Heavy Staff
⦁ Axes
⦁ Big Swords
⦁ Steel Claws
⦁ Devastator
⦁ Oriental Sabers
⦁ Pain and Panic (Special Edition)
⦁ Yari
⦁ Sapphire Fang
⦁ Butterfly Swords
⦁ Labryses
⦁ Fans of Passion (Special Edition)
⦁ Golden Katana
⦁ Pharaoh’s Khopeshes
⦁ Maces
⦁ Two-Handed Cudgel
⦁ Glaive
⦁ Kusarigama
⦁ Coral Prickles
⦁ Sickles
⦁ Moon Sabers
⦁ Vermeil Fangs (Special Edition)
⦁ Two Handed Mace
⦁ Staff of Night
⦁ Magari Yari
⦁ Silver Glaive
⦁ Dadao
⦁ Battle Hammers
⦁ Harbinger Sai
⦁ Northen Hammer
⦁ Silver Spear
⦁ Katars
⦁ Heavy Nunchaku
⦁ Fatemaker (Special Edition)
⦁ Meteorite Knives
⦁ Trident
⦁ Blade Tonfas
⦁ Ceremonial Shuang Gou
⦁ Ornamental Sabers
⦁ Daisho
⦁ Morning Stars
⦁ Leeches
⦁ Elegant Staff
⦁ Barbed Glaive
⦁ Dragon Teeth
⦁ Kukris
⦁ Flayer Claws
⦁ Quenched Sai
⦁ Keen Katana
⦁ Emerald Cutters
⦁ Hack Knives
⦁ Reaver
⦁ Mowers
⦁ Fretsaw
⦁ Blaster Tonfas
⦁ Telescopic Staff
⦁ Thruster
⦁ Pneumo Fists
⦁ Shocker Claws
⦁ Composite Sword
⦁ Orbs of pain
⦁ Cobra’s Tooth
⦁ Thunder Hammers
⦁ Plasma Rifle
⦁ Flame Clubs
⦁ Nunchaku
⦁ Naginata
⦁ Katana
⦁ Wanderer’s Staff
⦁ Heavy Kusarigama
⦁ Ronin’s Dadao
⦁ Spiny Knuckles
⦁ Lynx’s Claws
⦁ Hermit’s Swords
⦁ Butcher’s Knives
⦁ Wasp’s Naginata
⦁ Widow’s Fans
⦁ Shogun’s Katana
⦁ Monk’s Katars
⦁ Sentinel’s Hand
Items Included in the Game
⦁ Minor Charge of Darkness
⦁ Medium Charge of Darkness
⦁ Large Charge of Darkness
⦁ 10 medium Charges of Darkness
⦁ Bunch of Steel Keys
⦁ Raid Equipment
⦁ Underworld Conqueror’s Pack
⦁ Magic Source
⦁ Steel Hedgehog
⦁ Crag
⦁ Healing Vine
⦁ Phoenix
⦁ Chest of the Forest Mystery
⦁ Chest of Souls Keeper
⦁ Enchanter’s Chest
⦁ Pack of Tickets

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1. What is underworld in shadow Fight 2?
“Underworld” in Shadow Fight 2, is a multiplayer mode of the game. It allows a player to team up with other players and defeat the Eternals, the bosses. This feature is optional that means it is all up to the player whether to enter in Underworld or not.

2. Does Shadow Fight 2 need Internet?
Yes, Shadow Fight 2 needs an active Internet connection to run. A player can play the game only when he will have an active Internet connection. Otherwise, the game will not load and open.

3. Can Shadow Fight 2 be played offline?
No, Shadow Fight 2 can not be played offline. This is because it always needs an active Internet Connection in order to load data. So, if you want to play the Shadow Fight 2 game then make sure your device is connected to an Internet connection.

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