Top 5 Programming Languages To Learn in 2019

Top 5 Programming Languages To Learn in 2019

Choosing the right programming languages is a crucial part of kicking start your career. Every software developer gets paid according to the market of that language. So, it is essential to choose the one which has more demand in the market.

Ever since the 1960s, there were tons of languages which were introduced, but very few survived the ever-changing IT industry. Best Top 5 programming languages to learn in 2019.

 Programming Languages

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1) JavaScript –

This language was developed in less than two weeks. Nobody has thought that it will become a massive hit in front end as well as back end programming. It provides life to all the websites. It enables the interactivity of the site with its users. A developer can make a full-fledged web application using JavaScript. In India, the average salary of a JavaScript developer is between 7 Lacs to 10 Lacs per annum as JS is used in both backends as well as front end. So, it creates opportunities for the developer to work in a company.

2) Python –

It was introduced in the early 90s, but it gained massive popularity is late 2000. One of the main features of Python is code readability. Python code is very much human readable, and it is one of the most original programming languages as well. Writing less code and bringing powerful results is one of the striking features of this language as well. This is the foundation language for anyone who wants to pursue his career in data science or Machine Learning.
In India, the average salary of a python developer is 6 Lacs 10 Lacs per annum. There are tons of resources to learn this language online, and most of them are free.

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3) Java –

It is in the curriculum of every computer science student in India. This language needs no introduction. It is the core language used for developing an Android operating system. Java has still its market share in India, but its popularity has decreased significantly. There are ample amount of Java developers who are already in the market. So, getting a job as a Java developer is a little bit tricky. In India, the average salary of Java developer is 4 Lacs to 8 Lacs per annum as it is in the curriculum of every student in India. So, it is a bit hard to crack Java interviews.

4) Kotlin –

It is the new language for Android developers. If you have knowledge of Java, then it is easier to switch to Kotlin. You will write much less code in Kotlin as compare to Java. It’s a new language, so the resources to learn it are also very less. You should be able to read documentation to start your Kotlin career.
In India, an average Kotlin developer gets 5 Lacs to 9 Lacs per annum.

5) Swift –

iOS is the only alternative of Android Operating System. This is the latest language of Apple, which is released in 2012. Since then, it has emerged a lot, and Apple is promoting as a protocol-oriented language. Similar to Kotlin, it has very few learning resources available. But the documentation of Swift is very much readable. You can also read the articles on My easy Tuts for that. In India, an average iOS developer gets s 5 Lacs to 9 Lacs per annum.

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